5 ways to improve your outdoor living space

Summer is finally here, and with the lockdown measures that are currently in place, there couldn't be a better time to start some projects outside while the weather is great. Some of us shy away from DIY but with the right tools and a little guidance - it is possible to reimagine your outdoor space and take it to the next level.


1. Give your sunroom a lick of paint

Why not improve the overall look and feel of your sunroom by giving it a lick of paint. Choose some fresh summery colours, paint the walls of your sunroom, conservatory, garage or summer house - and even some wooden furniture too - for a fresh new look.


2. Bring the pub to your very own garden!

While we are under strict lockdown and the pub is out of the question, why not create yourself an outdoor bar. If you're a little handy knock up your own from wood, pallets, even an old bookcase.


Add some drama to it by decorating it with some bunting, furnishing it with bottles of spirits or juices, add adding a selection of stemware. Get yourself an ice bucket and stick a few beers and spritzers in it. Hey presto - you got yourself the perfect garden pub.


3. Build a wall

We all like a bit of privacy from the neighbours and building a wall can offer you this. It can also give you a new look to the garden and in turn create some separate areas. You could even install a BBQ area to sizzle a few sausages on!

Don't forget that a low-lying wall can add a bit of depth and texture to your outdoor space too. And remember, this is also ideal for novice DIYers, as the hollow bricks can simply be stacked and bonded together with a suitable sealant, and then filled with concrete to create a stable base for a feature wall.


4. Make wooden furniture look like new

Sadolin's Classic Wood Protection in Light Oak is ideal for garden furniture, decking and large timber surfaces; and will give new life to weathered pieces. Available in a wide range of wood colours, you're sure to find one you like. For old timber, you'll need to sand down previous coatings and finishings and degrease with methylated spirits. Follow the painting instructions carefully, you can then look forward to the fun bit of styling up the seating.


5. Throw some light on it!

With all your flowers coming into bloom, it's only natural you'll want to put the spotlight on your best borders and flower beds. And, on these summer evenings, ambient lighting makes for a relaxed, luxe atmosphere. Try LED torch lights with a flickering candle effect, which are quick and easy to install, outdoor pendants, string lights and bordering your garden with lanterns and spikes. At the end of the day, you need a little light for when you are roasting some marshmallows with the family.


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