What is Witch Grass?

Have you ever wanted to have a green lawn in your garden but have no time on your hands to look after and maintain it? Fear not as at Wood Lane Timber has the perfect solution for you, called “Artificial Grass”

So what is Artificial Grass?

It is artificial grass, which you do not need to mow, weed, feed or water, so why not choose this type of grass and enjoy the perfect “Green Carpet” whatever the weather, all year round.

Artificial grass has been around for 45 years but it is only just taking off in the UK in a big big way. People are starting to choose fake lawns because our climate is changing, but our gardens in the UK are getting smaller and people just simply don’t have enough time to look after their lawn.

Why choose it?

  • Artificial lawns look and feel like the real thing!
  • You don’t have to spend your free time on weekends, mowing, feeding, watering etc.
  • Perfect for the little ones as they can play on the artificial grass whenever they want all year.
  • Artificial Grass is more environmentally friendly because artificial grass:
    • Does not use large consumptions of water.
    • No fertiliser
    • No Weed control
    • No Grass feed
    • No Mowing your lawn which means you have to use power
    • Saves your valuable time!

It can be laid practically anywhere you want even over anything such as: concrete, tarmac, sand, decking and even old patio areas to brighten things up.

Just make sure that the surface you are laying your new artificial grass on is level so you may be required to level things off.

If you want to find out more about Artificial Grass simply give us a call on 0115 964 0888.

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