Autumn fencing

It seems the last signs of Summer have disappeared for the year and preparations are being made for the change in temperature, weather and outdoor conditions. With this in mind, preparing gardens for Winter doesn’t have to necessarily be all about collecting fallen leaves and insulating plants in their beds.

As well as putting in place preventative measures, and carrying out maintenance, Autumn is in fact the main season whereby homeowners stand back and take stock of what has happened over the last two seasons and to put in place plans required to prepare their garden for the next Spring.

As an ideal time to build a fence, whether to keep animals from straying onto land, as an aesthetic feature or to protect a home, Autumn brings with it a much more relaxed and simple setting in which to lay the foundations and build a fence with reduced wind speeds and medial weather conditions.

As the key to putting up a fence successfully involves careful preparation including the clearing of vegetation and shrubs and the repotting of plants that are likely to require replanting once a fence is up, Autumn is often overlooked as the best time to build a fence.

With much less greenery and shrubbery to disturb than any other time of year, building a fence during this season allows plants enough time to recover over the course of the next two seasons, following the finish of the fence.

With most people waiting until the busy spring and summer seasons to employ the labour of a fence specialist, Autumn is often the cheapest ad less busiest times for having one fitted.

With various timber posts and fence panels to choose from at Wood Lane Timber Merchants you can ensure that yours or your client’s garden is fully prepared for next Spring and Summer, whether to protect gardens, divide up areas or create a more design centred outdoor space.

Our fence products include timber posts, concrete fence posts, panelling, trellising, made-to-measure gates and picket fencing. We also provide optional treatments to suit customer requirements whether to prevent damage or protect from extra weather conditions which can play havoc with certain types of fencing.

So as Autumn arrives – take note of these considerations...

· Know why - the reason behind installing a fence will help to decide what type of wood panels to use and whether there is more of a requirement for timber or concrete posts.

· Height – Do you want your fence for extra privacy? If so, you will require fencing panels to be a certain height. Deciding on the height will also have to take into consideration planning laws and whether the light for neighbouring houses will be impeded.

· Spacing – the balanced and even spacing of posts will prevent the whole fence from sagging or being damaged through bad weather forces. The more posts that there are, the less likely wind will impact the fence.

Whether you are a joiner, builder or DIY go-getter we have the timber and fencing supplies for every type of fencing. Contact us today to discuss you requirements.

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