Best types of timber for construction

Generally timber will come in three different types; these are construction timber, decorative timber and finishing timber and all will normally be more expensive than man-made boards. In this blog the use of construction timber will be the focus.

Construction timber will normally be used initially as a fix in situations where visual appearance is not a high priority.

Different types of construction timber you can choose:

Studwork – This timber is perfect for stud wall partitions and in all general construction.

Treated studwork – Just like the untreated stud work, this is ideal for stud wall partitions and in all general construction but unlike untreated studwork, this can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Sawn kiln dried timber This should be used for internal non-structural work such as battening, boxing in and framing, work where having a rough sawn finish will be ok.

Treated sawn kiln dried timber – Again this is just like the untreated version but can also be used outdoors for project such as boxing in, sheds, framing and battening.

Roofing battens – These are used to give a good fixing point for roofing sheets or tiles. Red roofing battens should be used when materials need to meet BS5534 and on all NHBC houses.

Utility garden timber – As the name suggests, these are ideal for use in the garden for such things as raised beds, pergolas, composter and general fencing.

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