Best types of timber for finishing

Generally timber will come in three different types; these are construction timber, decorative timber and finishing timber and all will normally be more expensive than man-made boards. In this blog the use of finishing timber will be the focus.

Finishing timber is generally used for ‘finishing’ construction where visual appearance is a priority.

Different types of finishing timber you can choose:

Whitewood spruce

This timber is perfect for a complete range of internal joinery and woodworking tasks where a smooth finish is required. This wood has a consistent light colour finish, which gives it a modern stylish look.

Perfect for a whole range of internal woodworking and joinery uses where you need a smooth finish. Whitewood spruce has a consistent light colour finish that gives it a stylish modern look.

Redwood pine

Just like whitewood spruce, this timber is perfect for when you want to get a smooth finish on a joinery or woodworking job. The difference between them is that the redwood has a richer finish colour to it which gives it a more traditional look, as well as it being easier to sand, plane and cut.

Floor boards

These can be acquired as decorative boards that can be laid over existing flooring or as structural boards, lying directly over joints.

The former would be tongue and groove planks made out of traditional maritime pine. These boards make for an ideal base to lay carpet, laminate or decorative timber flooring.

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