Best ways to protect you’re fencing in winter

Whether you made the decision to install a wooden fence around your home yourself or it came with the purchase of a new property, you cant stop nature and with winter on its way your fence is going to need to be protected against the harsh weather on its way as well as the added moisture its sure to bring with it.

Here are some of the more common reasons your wooden fence can become weak and ways to give it protection from the elements:

Keep on top of the moisture

Inspect your post regularly to discover any moisture that is building up and get rid of it.

High levels of moisture will cause post to form mildew and mold which can weaken your fence over time. Good ways to keep on top of excess moisture is to clear any debris like sticks and leaves as regular as you can and any stagnant water that may be collecting.

Do your best to avoid warping

Due to the swift changes in the weather conditions around this time of year, winter can often bring along with it the issue causing your fence to warp. Unfortunately, all you can do about this is prevention there will always be a chance of warping with any wooden fence. The options for the best prevention are simply to use strong wooden posts and choosing to use a stronger strain of timber.

Fence shifting

When your fence was put up, ideally it should have been installed far enough down in the ground so that in winter time the soil will not loosen to much allowing the post to move and shift. If you have noticed a shift in your fence you may be able to rectify this on your own but it recommended in most cases that you seek the help of a professional so you don’t end up causing more damage.

Don’t forget about forgotten limbs

If jack frost decides to bring you some snowfall this winter then your going to need to keep an eye on any branches that loom over your fences. Snow fallen on them will cause them to gain weight meaning they could snap and fall damaging your fence. You could also just remove the possibility completely by lopping any branches off that you see as a potential threat.

First Line of Defense

Your best first line of defense at the end of the day is to initially have your fence installed by an experienced and professional installer and then all you can do is the general maintenance and care mentioned above.

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