Brand guide to worktops

Replacing worktops is a simple but remarkably effective way of completely transforming the appearance of a kitchen. Particularly if you are selling your house, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms for potential buyers and updating it with new worktops can really add value to your home.

At Wood Lane Timber we sell worktops for kitchens and bathrooms from a number of reputable companies including the following:



Tuscan produces a large assortment of high quality wooden kitchen worktops. Like many worktops; the timeless designs complement modern interiors as well as traditionally decorated homes. As well as their aesthetic qualities, the company is dedicated to sourcing materials from sustainable forests and refuse to buy from countries that do not share their ethical principles.[i]



Prima produce affordable laminate worktops which are designed in a style that replicates granite, quartz, wood or other natural materials. By recreating nature in modern materials, the products look stunning and work particularly well in a county home.


Omega – Bushboard

Omega Bushboard make glossy, beautiful laminate worktops with their “unique Q3 profile” which provides a “crispier” edge and immediately implies quality to the eye. The idea of this feature is so that the worktops look like a “dressed stone or wood” – natural but with homely alterations.



Axiom worktops can be purchased in different finishes including gloss and fine wood. Like Omega, they look natural and include many wooden- and stone-inspired patterns which are textured and can be matched with upstands for a perfect finish.



Creators of high pressure laminates, Duropal develop wooden-inspired laminates in many different colours. Whether you want a rich, dark wooden look (but in laminate form obviously) or a lighter version, Duropal is the company for you.



Microban is a type of protective technology which is found in Silestone Quartz material. This antibacterial protection helps worktops to defend against harmful organisms and bacteria such as salmonella and E-Coli, which is why it is often used in professional kitchens as well as domestic ones.



Trespa produce several types of worktop including the Trespa Athlon, one of the most well known. Athlon is made to resist aggressive chemicals for up to 6 hours which means that most stains can be removed in time. It is also scratch and mould-resistant as well, making it one of the most durable options available to you. While you can introduce it to your home, Trespa is often used in laboratories and food professional environments where food is prepared due to its chemical-resistant qualities.




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