Building a backyard decking area

Building your own decking area in your garden can increase the appeal of your garden by a mile, but before embarking on any project of this type it is always best to check with your local authority about any permits needed or regulations that you need to abide by; and remember always wear protective equipment when working with power tools.

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Now let’s get started

Get your dimensions - Measure the dimensions of the area you wish to place you’re decking and then using string and wooden stakes to mark out the border until you form a level representation of the decks dimensions.

Mark out your supports - Using spray paint or little sticks with colours tape on them, mark the ground where you will be placing your support posts for the decking, sometimes referred to as caissons.

Breaking Ground - Remove your stakes and string temporarily and bore 15-inch holes at your marked spots using a power auger and then using a posthole digger remove any remaining dirt.

Time for concrete - Mix a batch of concrete and then shovel in to each hole, lopping of any excess. Before leaving the concrete to cure for 48 hours, place a j-bolt in to each caisson which will aid in the tying down of the deck in the future.

Starting the deck frame - Firstly form a perimeter and a centre beam. Cut several boards to length and give them lateral support by nailing steel bracket ties to them to create them.

Placing the boards - Fit your 4 perimeter boards to anchor plates on the caissons which will help with tying the deck down permanently later. With them in now in place nail corner brackets secure them together.

Finish of the frame - Finish the frame by installing treated joists. After installing steel joist hangers at intervals of 16 inches, set the joists and then nail in.

Install the decking material - Once all of the joists have been attached, it’s time to install the decking material. Start by squaring up the first piece of composite to the deck and then attach it to the underlying joists using composite decking screws. Continue to screw down the decking allowing for a ¼ “gap between planks.

Finish it off - Complete the decking by permanently fastening the wood portions to the caissons. Do this by bolting down the anchor brackets and by driving nails through the perimeter.

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