Caring for your Wood in the Winter

After you have spent the summer months in your garden it can be hard to know how to care for it once you have to return indoors. Maybe you’ve splashed out on some new fence panels, treated yourself to a new deck or perhaps treated yourself to a new shed - and you want to keep them all looking lovely. You need to protect your new wood to prevent it from splitting and warping.

A common issue with new wood is that it can be extremely vulnerable to the effects of moisture and damage from the sun and will be prone to splitting and warping. There some easy steps you can take to get your decking, fencing, shed or any other outdoor wooden products looking lovely and keeping them that it way

Do some serious cleaning. Ideally, you should have your wood thoroughly cleaned and resealed (before any winter precipitation comes. Wipe clean and sweep away any debris, like leaves or dust. Wash surfaces with water and mild soap or a specialised cleaning solvent, and look for any weaknesses make repairs.

Preparation is everything and wood treatment and wood preservative products will only penetrate into the surface of the wood if the wood is both clean and dry. Almost all exterior wood will respond beautifully to a simple, thorough clean with warm, soapy water and a soft brush or cloth. Just make sure you thoroughly rinse the surface and let it dry completely before applying your chosen wood treatment.

Don’t use salt to prevent ice! De-icing smooth surfaces is sometimes a necessity during the winter, but don't put any of that salt on your wood! Salt's properties can create pitting and drying on wood that can weaken your wood, so opt for a salt-free de-icing agent instead.

There are many protective treatment products available of the market that you can use to treat your wood. If you would like any more tips please feel free to give us a call and speak to one of our friendly team!

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