Decorative timber

As stated in our previous two blogs, timber generally comes in three different types, which are construction timber, decorative timber and finishing timber and all of them will often be more costly than man-made-boards.

In this blog the use of decorative timber and how it can give your room a stylish and personal touch will be the focus.

Picture and dado rails

Picture rails make a great decorative feature in the home, which allows you to hang your pictures without having to actually fix them directly into the wall.

If you have uneven walls, you can use decorator’s caulk to fill any gaps that are between the top of moulding and the wall.

Engineered oak mouldings

These are really good for making strong and elegant architrave, casings, skirting and window boards.

If you want to create an external joint on the timber mouldings, you should use wood glue and pin the joint. When you are doing this, stagger the mitre by 3 to 4 millimetres and as you hammer the pins in the joint will be pulled together which will create the perfect corner.

Heavyweight mouldings

This decorative timber is ideal for the larger sized architraves and skirting, this is simply because they come in longer lengths which means you don’t have to join two pieces together as often.

To make a seamless joint between the two lengths of the moulding, you just need to cut a 45 degrees angle in to both ends.

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