DIY vs DIFM - Which is Best for My Project?

For many years, DIY has been a dominating trend and the must-do for households everywhere. Since the rise of social media platforms, like Pinterest, the popularity of do-it-yourself home decor rapidly grew, with people choosing to tackle a variety of projects without professional help.
In our last blog, we talked about some common but scary DIY disasters, and those alone could be enough to make you turn to DIFM (Do-It-For-Me). If you’re still unsure about whether to tackle a home project yourself, here are some questions to ask yourself first.

How much risk is involved?

If your project involves potential dangers like natural gas lines, or interfering with electrical lines then you could be putting yourself and your home at risk by attempting this alone. If you feel uncomfortable with the possible harm involved, then perhaps it’s time to talk to a professional.

Do you have the equipment?

Some projects require specific knowledge and tools to complete the job. If you’re looking to get something done that may require unique equipment, including projects like a shower installation or knocking down walls, then you may have no choice but to swap DIY for DIFM.

Is it worth your effort?

This may seem like an obvious one, but doing it yourself will require more than just your labour time. Are you willing to spend time researching and working enough to get your project right? Are you okay with sacrificing your free time in order to get the job done? If the answer to any of these is no, or maybe, it could be time to consider getting someone in to get the job done for you.

How advanced is your project?

Some projects that are out of the norm, may require a permit for completion. Whilst you can apply for certain permits, work that is classified as more advanced may be easier to be approached from the DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) route.


If these questions haven’t put you off your Do it Yourself job, you can get all of your timber, joinery and construction products in Nottinghamshire, through us. Why not get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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