Fresh Fence Ideas for a Summer-Ready Yard

If you're wondering what the best way to bring your outdoor design to life, and wanting to add more privacy to your property. Then you’re in the right place. Here is a list of decorative fences that you’ll love.

Embrace the Height

Height is a key factor, embrace it. When you have a tall fence to have your privacy, make sure you include it into your design. The easiest way to achieve a good look is landscaping. Consider using different plantings, like sprawling ivy or raised garden beds.

Make Room for Seating

Don’t let yourself be influenced by the traditional look of a squarely fenced-in yard. Fences can be built in all shapes and sizes, which gives you enough things to play around with. A good idea is to carve out space in your back garden, too include a seating area. Talk logistics with your contractor before anything they’ll know what they can work for you and also your budget.

Add Some Lighting

Your fencing can have another purpose behind it, lighting. If you have seating, maybe plan a pool or dining area to make sure you can use the outdoor space when its dark. Before choosing everything, you need to consider your power source. There are many things you can look into: post caps, string lights, LED fixings, lanterns and things with soft light source

Highlight the Entranceway

You need a focal point to your entranceway, just like you do within your indoor living space. To draw people’s attention to your entranceway you can do various things: building a pathway into the space, colourful flowers, having a trellis or decorative door.

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