FSC and PEFC Accreditation

Here at Wood Lane Timber we are pleased to announce that we have now attained both FSC and PEFC accreditation.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation that promotes responsible forest management, whilst the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) provides worldwide certification for forestry management companies.

We have worked very hard to achieve certification from these two separate organisations, and are therefore extremely proud of the fact we have obtained this accreditation as it shows our commitment to providing timber in a responsible and sustainable fashion.

As a business who works with timber that is sourced from various locations we aim to work with forestry companies that can prove that they manage their forest in a responsible way. Working with suppliers who are members of the FSC and PEFC means that we can be confident about the sourcing of our timber and wood-based products.

Furthermore, being associated with these schemes means that we can be sure that the organisations are constantly monitoring and auditing our suppliers to ensure that the highest standards are kept.

In addition, having these marks means that we can label our products accordingly; from this our Customers can see that the wood products we supply can be traced back to a renewable and responsible source. It also shows our Customers that the final product has been implemented with due respect for the environment, plus matching economic and social standards. This is something that we believe is important to our Customers, who expect our timber to be from sustainable and responsibly managed sources.

So if you are after high quality timber that can be ethically traced back to the forest it was sawn from; then speak to us at Wood Lane as we are now officially an FSC and PEFC accredited timber merchant.

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