Garden Trends 2016

As we head into another year; there’s no better time to look into the crystal ball for a peek at what will be the hottest garden trends of 2016.

Black Fences:

A black backdrop is the perfect foil for green (and any colour flower). Black paint (or stain) is an inexpensive way to instantly create drama.

Painted House Numbers:

Painted house numbers won’t warp, rust, bund, chip, crack, or break. Also they cost nothing and the chances are you will still have a bit of leftover paint from the last time you painted the house trim, which could go a long way towards explaining why this trend is becoming so popular.

Stained Raised Beds:

Natural wood is the fallback favourite for raised beds, but lately we’re noticing dark gray, blue, green, and black that lend a certain formality to a kitchen garden.

Bamboo Accessories:

No longer dismissed as an invasive nuisance; bamboo is a sturdy, attractive, inexpensive landscaping material that we’re happy to see being used to make canopies and fences. Bamboo garden accessories cloches and plant tunnels and trellises blend naturally into the landscape.


Pets run through the lawn, roll in it, dig in it and often eat it, so it’s no wonder that pet owners are thinking more and more about how to make their gardens pet-friendly and pet-safe; a nice doghouse built with good quality wood and material can really make your garden stand.

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