Hardwood timber in home building

From skyscrapers to houses, floors to ceilings, timber has been used as a material for building for several centuries. Timber has been used to create spaces where we work, live and socialise.

With regards to home building, hardwood timber leads the way when it comes to most interior designs. Hardwood is a lot denser than softwoods, making it perfect for the more hard-wearing areas of the home – including window frames, doors and stairs. Without those key properties of hardwood timber, the chances of your stairs diminishing in durability and stability would increase. Your doors wouldn’t have the same longevity and your window frames would quite simply not be able to withstand the punishment of the British weathering process that takes place every day.

Hardwood timber comes from many species across West Africa, North America and Europe including Hard Maple, White Oak, Black Walnut and Mahogany. These can be shipped all across the World to create beautiful homes.

We have a great range of hard-wood to help you create many design options when it comes to stairs, windows and flooring.

White Oak and White Ash are particularly good for stair components. They are full of character and beauty and they offer excellent acoustic properties making them ideal for leisure, commercial and residential applications.

The Environmental benefits are huge

There are many environmental benefits to using hard-wood timber in your home.

For years, many people have opted for PVC for their windows and doors as it’s cheap and widely manufactured. In more recent years, however, as people become more aware of their carbon footprint, this plastic alternative has started to lose its shine.

PVC doesn’t have any benefits for the environment whatsoever when used as part of a new build, and their creation involves a lot of toxic chemicals which is incredibly damaging to the World’s atmosphere. The hardwood timber on the other hand not only ensures you’re emitting less Co2 gasses, but it’s also carbon negative and is known to be the most resourceful way to build!

Similarly, timber is widely agreed as the best material to use to manufacture staircases, as its alternatives – metal, concrete and glass – produce higher levels of carbon and are more expensive. It would make sense to go for the stronger, more versatile and easier to work with timber option.

And that’s it

The use of hardwood timber your home is definitely something that’s not only remained popular for centuries but has seen a huge rise in popularity globally.

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