How can I make my fence stronger?

Is your fence starting to weaken? Maintaining your garden fence is very important. It is your main line of outdoor security against potential threats and intruders. They can also offer great protection against the effects of weather whilst still being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Here are a few tips too make your fence stronger.

We suggest stopping the motion of individual fence boards when placed in concrete posts by adding fence panel clips. You don’t want to wake up one morning and wake up to your fence tipped or on the ground. They are easily installed on the fence and help out the movement of your fence.

The better you look after your fence, the longer it will last. Sounds simple, right? It’s important that your fence panels are protected with some sort of wood oil or preservers. It’s also highly recommended to re-treat the wood every couple of years. It can really help protect against long-lasting damage and create a fantastic level of protection against the element.

Fence posts normally take a lot of the damage caused by weather, however, if you’re using timber fence posts they are very susceptible to rotting. Make sure as well as treating the fence panel, you treat the fence posts too. Treating them will give you the same results as the panels and give it that extra reinforcement

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