How do DIY stores and Timber Merchants differ?

When you go to a DIY store, you’re going to be bombarded with all manners of products for all types of projects, from plumbing & heating to decorating and garden items. Now when you visit a Timber Merchant, you are much more likely to see a far larger variety of timber than you would find in a DIY store. You will find a range of mouldings, widths, lengths and species of timber which will overshadow lots of DIY stores.

Upon your visit to a timber merchant you will appreciate that primarily there are two different types of timber on offer and these are sawn and planed.

Sawn timber is timber that is still rough, and is generally used in places that it won’t be seen in the final stage of the project. Places like under floors and in roofs for example and it is also fairly cheap. If you need it be used outside for fences, gates etc, you can get it treated. It will still be rough but also brown or green.

Planed timber is essentially sawn timber that has been planed to be smooth. If you see the timber has been described using the initials PAR, this means Planed All Round and this timber is predominantly used where it will be visible at the end of a project.

Other products you will find are sheet materials, which are sheets made out of processed wood and each type has a different use.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a very popular type of sheet materials and has a large variety of uses for internal work from skirting boards to shelving.

Plywood, which is fairly rough, can be used for moulding concrete or covering flat roofs. While laminated plywood is a little different, it is quite thin and can have a good finish to it which makes it good for doors. This laminate is available in a variety of wood types from mahogany to oak and offers a range of finishes meaning it can be used in many areas.

Chipboard, this is an alternative to MDF, though not the greatest and is used generally where it won’t be visible. However laminated chipboards looks pretty much the same as laminated plywood, only often thicker and can be used for such things as cupboards doors.

When you visit a timbers merchant, you will have the benefit of knowledgeable and helpful staff as well as the added bonus of delivery services so you don’t have to come up with a way to get all of your timber back with you.

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