Ideas to inspire a decking project

Ideas to inspire a decking project

Considering adding some decking to your garden? Our decking plan thoughts are here to interest you.

Here are some decking design ideas to inspire you.


Take your decking to the next level

You can lay decking at various statures and levels, contingent upon the shape and surface of your garden.

A raised deck is a decent alternative for slanted or lopsided gardens as a method for making a level surface for a dining table or a seating space. If you have a tall enough edge, you can even utilize the space underneath your decking as extra storage.

A ground-level deck is incredible when you need to keep a level, even surface in your garden and they are simpler to install than raised decks.


Think about the shape of your garden

Design you decking to best fit the space you have, be open-minded about the shape of your decking.

A traditional choice would be a square or rectangular decking which will give you clean angular lines in your garden landscape, while also being easier to install over a decking with a curved edge.

That being said, a curved edge decking can give you a softer less sharp finish to the design of your garden.


Use various laying patterns

Decking gives you a lot of different options when it comes to how to configure them in their layout. Possible laying patterns to consider would be: diagonal, horizontal, zig-zag chevrons or picture framing (boards in a different alignment to frame the decking) deck boards.

Another option would be to use deck tiles to create an alternative design. Align tiles horizontally and vertically for an attention-grabbing checkerboard effect or get a horizontal design by lining them up.


Use a mix of materials

Combine your decking with other materials such as paving slabs to add another element to the look of your garden. Edge it with the slabs to give it a contemporary feel or slot them between your decking for a bolder look.


Get creative with your leftovers

You can use regular decking boards for different landscape design aspects in the garden too. Why not create a path with them along your flowerbeds or create a raised bedding with various compartments for growing all sorts of veg. You could even continue the decking up on to the walls is it's adjoining any to create a striking feature point.

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