Is DIY becoming a thing of the past?

The UK DIY sector is still bringing in around £5.8bn per year so it’s not on its last legs yet, but this is a 14% decrease from what it was a decade ago. More and more homeowner s are ditching the DIY in favour of hiring professional tradesmen to carry out tasks they would have had a go at in the past, but why is this?

Homeowners are losing confidence in the ability of their DIY skills, with around 3.3m ruined or uncompleted DIY jobs each year needing to be corrected by a professional costing on average £3000 to fix.

Homeowners want more and more quality and their own finished results aren’t cutting the mustard, over 35% of homeowners are more than displeased with the result of their DIY projects.

If you can get someone else to do it, then why would you do it yourself? As times go on the world get busier and busier and people have less time in their lives to spend on DIY projects they could get some else to do and as noted before with a better result.

Lives and technology are quickly becoming more sophisticated and complicated and this means a lot of the things that homeowners now want to do to or change about their homes are just out of their technical skill and knowledge. Basically meaning there’s no choice but to hire a professional to get the job done, completely shutting out any possibility of doing it yourself

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