It’s FSC Friday this September!

September 30th is the date and FSC offices, members, partners and certificate holders will be hosting a series of events around the globe to raise awareness about and celebrate responsible forest management, wood and paper sourcing and how FSC plays a role in it all.

FSC is a not-for-profit organisation and has worked on taking care of forests and the plants, animals and people that rely on them for over 20 years. Their FSC label give the assurance that the materials used have been responsibly sourced from well managed forest and FSC Friday is all about getting that message out there so more people recognise the part FSC play and help them to further their fight against needless deforestation.

If you are a youth group or school and want to get you classes to know about FSC certification and responsible forestry there are a few things you can do:

  • Hold a local event, at any time throughout September, to celebrate forests, and learn about the importance of sustainability.
  • Run a poster or video competition to educate children on the FSC logo and what it means, or challenge them to spot the logo at home.
  • Organize a trail or treasure hunt in your local forest, host a ‘green’ fancy dress day, screen a favourite film set in the forest, partner with another school to share your FSC Friday experiences or organize a forest cleaning day within your local community.

Last year’s FSC Friday was celebrated by 31 countries all over the world, with 45 businesses, groups and schools taking part; you can register here if you would like to take part and you can also follow the events though social media with the hashtag #FSCFriday.

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