Get your garden ready for the winter

December is only days away so it is a good time to get your garden ready for the winter. While this is an exciting time of present-buying and decorating, it can be a very damaging time for your garden if you do not look after it properly.

The last thing you want is for spring to come back round and all you have is a bare garden which has lost its beauty because you neglected it during the winter. Here at Wood Lane Timber we have gathered together some top tips for preparing your garden for the coming months:

1. Check the state of your garden fences

Winter is the ideal time to have a look at your fencing and decide if any panels need repairing. Any rotting or cracked parts of a fence post should be replaced or repaired immediately because even slight damage to a fence panel can quickly develop into greater damage.
At Wood Lane Timber we provide high quality timber fencing that will defend itself against poor winter weather conditions.

2. Raised beds & winter plants

As well as fencing, here at Wood Lane Timber you can also find all the sleepers and treated timber you need to make borders and raised beds. In the winter they might be used to house vegetables such as onions, garlic, asparagus or flowers that grow in winter such as Camellias or snowdrops.

Planting crops and plants that last throughout cold, brutal winters will allow you to continue enjoying your garden over winter and for it to remain blossoming and attractive throughout the year.

3. Cover up with compost

Another quick and simple tip for this winter is to cover the garden with compost or manure. 1-2 inches of soil added to the ground will enrich the garden with nutrients and help to keep it in a healthy condition so that it quickly recovers from winter when spring returns.

If you are preparing your garden over the next couple of weeks, find fencing, sleepers, and much more at Wood Lane Timber. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions that you have.

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