Preparing your garden for the summer

Summer is here so why not upgrade your garden to enjoy this nice weather? At Wood Lane Timber Merchants, we have all you need to make your garden look the way you want, but the hardest thing for anyone is knowing what to use and how to use it. Lucky for you, we are here to help guide you to get that amazing garden you want!

In this short blog, we will cover how you can make use of our products such as aggregates, decking, a new lawn as well as fence panels.

Composite decking or timber decking?

If you are going for that modern look in your garden then I do not doubt in my mind that composite decking is the choice for you, with its sleek look, low maintenance and reasonable price, this product offers a great style & colours which will set your garden aside from the rest.

Timber decking is also a great option for improving your garden & overall living space, this product is very popular down under in Australia and can potentially add value to your property as well as creating a strong talking point between yourselves and guests. It can change the whole look of your garden merely in its presence with its eye-catching look and open space that it creates.

Grass or Artificial Grass?

A saying that I have heard a lot is ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when deciding on what type of grass to get this could not be truer! Each has its type of look, style & benefits, but I have to say – the artificial option is certainly the more cost-effective option in the long run as this can save you money on garden equipment, you would save water by using this type of grass and not to mention the extremely low maintenance gardening that comes with it.

How can I improve the look of the fencing in my garden?

Fencing is something that is key to completing your garden, it makes an open space turn into a living space by making it part of your home. With a large range of designs and sizes, Wood Lane Timber Merchants have got your back if you are looking to upgrade your garden.

If you are simply looking to add a finishing touch to the fencing in your garden a product that we rate very highly is the Ronseal Fence Life One Coat. Coming in a range of colours this product will add that extra bit of wow factor to the borders of your garden space.

What about some nice finishing touches?

Decorative Stone is a great idea. With a large range of decorative stones and aggregates you can transform your garden in a few hours, with its bright colours and unique look this will

surely become a talking point between you and guests you have around during the summer. Commonly used for walkways and flowerbeds this will surely give your garden the lift it needs.

So if you’re looking to improve your garden this summer look no further than Wood Lane Timber Merchants Ltd, call us on 0115 964 0888 or email

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