Removing stains from wooden flooring

Wooden flooring can make your home look very nice and welcoming. Unfortunately, when wooden flooring gets stains and things on it, it begins to look bad. When you see stains forming on your oak flooring you need to remove them, there are some tricks that you can use to try and get rid of them. Not all stains will come out of oak flooring many of them can come right out with some procedures. Below are some steps on how to effectively remove some of the most common stains on wooden flooring.

Step 1 – Pet stains

Probably the most common stain you’ll find on wood flooring is pet stains, pet urine. Having indoor pets will be a problem for you eventually. If you come across urine on your floor, saturate a piece of cloth or cotton with hydrogen peroxide. Rub the cloth or cotton into the wood, make sure you get the entire stain but not completely saturating the effected area. If you use to much hydrogen peroxide on the area it may bleach out the colour of your wood. Let the hydrogen peroxide dry and then reapply as needed.

Step 2 – Water Spots

Spilling water or drinks is a very common things, come on who hasn’t. If you do spill something it will more than likely create a water spot. If this does happen you can get rid of them with a simple method. Lay a thin towel on top of area and then put your iron onto medium setting. Rub the iron back and forth on top of the towel for a couple minutes. If possible, lift the towel when doing the process to see if it removing the water spots. Do this for as long as it takes to remove the water spots.

Step 3 – Heat Stains

Heat stains on wooden flooring is not good but they are easily removed. Mix together toothpaste and baking soda. Then apply to the entire area of the stain and use a cloth or something of your choice to rub the paste around on top of the stain. Use a different thing to wipe away the paste. This should have removed the stain. Reapply the stain several times to help remove the stain. Make sure you fully wipe up all the paste after you’ve done.

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