Spruce up your garden with lighting and show off those great bits of timber

Below we have a few tips to help you when planning your garden lighting.

When it comes to installing lights and fixtures in your garden it is always advisable to plan ahead so you can end up with a garden that is beautiful and provides the atmosphere you desire at night, providing enjoyment over the span of its life time.

As with most design cases, straightforward and uncluttered is the way to go

First of all consider where in the garden is going to have the most activity, where are all of those people at your BBQ going to be mingling for example. Think about the seating in the garden, would it benefit from any additional illumination. What plants are in your garden that you want to stand out or what favourite part you would like to showcase to visitors or passersby?

Spotlights are a great way of highlighting a feature in your garden but you should try and not over saturate an area with them. Keep them for accenting an otherwise equally lit landscape.

Illuminating a large area, using several small lights over a solitary large light will give you a gentler softer light and help avoid producing glare.

Want to expose a water feature or pond, up lighting through the water can light it up and at the same time will produce a watery light effect upon any surface the light from below lands on. Surrounding the outer decking area with strip lights will then isolate the area and highlight it even more, also providing safe view of the water’s edge, especially if the area is a potential trip hazard.

Always keep in mind which direction your lights are and to make sure they are not directed in such a way that they are going to shine to anyone’s eyes including people inside the house and your neighbours.

Remember lights aren’t just for decoration it’s always a good idea to think about their security and practical benefits, consider positioning them near gates or garage doors for example.

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