The benefits of artificial grass

Mow, water, fertilize and repeat. Sound familiar? Then you might be ones of the many people who are tired of the struggle to keep their lawn looking healthy and attractive year-in year-out. If this is the case then artificial grass might just be the solution you have been looking for. Whatever the purpose of the grass be it for a small area such as a dogs play area, a strip at the edge of a pool or a full-blown lawn, artificial grass has come a way forward since its initial appearance on the market.

Ideal for heavy traffic areas

Artificial grass is a perfect fit for areas of high use that normal grass lawns will suffer repeated damage and wear, poolside’s and play areas are all frontrunners for an upgrade to artificial grass. It won’t only improve it from an aesthetic point of view but artificial grass also acts sort of like a door mat in the way that it will help reduce the amount of dirt and debris that may get brought in on paws or footwear.

Extreme climates, no problem

If you happen to live in an area prone to extreme changes in weather then artificial grass is ideal. Living in these areas can make it extremely difficult to maintain living grass and sometimes can be near impossible. This lack of maintenance though isn’t just an added bonus to people living in those extreme climates, it is basically the main attraction for anyone thinking of purchasing the ‘fake stuff’.

It going to be more effective

A big plus for the artificial way is the fact that you won’t generally need to replace it for around 20 years depending on the level of abuse it receives throughout its life. This works out to a fair amount of saving when you consider how much you would spend on up keeping natural grass and with such busy lives that we live nowadays who knows what extra hobbies you could take up with the spare time you’ll have on your hands.

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