Three woodworking jobs to enjoy this Autumn

Autumn brings with it some nice crisp air and the sun is still shining bright. Although the heat has dropped – there is still a great opportunity to take part in loads of fun woodworking related projects!

In this blog, we’ll be taking a good look at three of the best projects you could be doing this Autumn.

The Garden Bench

With the autumn air being nice and fresh it makes going outside that little bit more appealing. Whether you just want to sit out in the garden with a nice hot cup of coffee or just relax and take in the sights of your garden – a garden bench remains a firm favourite woodworking task this time of the year.

For this you will require:-

  • A mechanical saw
  • Roughly 8 2x4s
  • An electric drill
  • Some sandpaper
  • Varnish
  • Screws

There are many YouTube videos out there to give you help and advice on how to construct the bench. We’ve found this video worth a good watch -


Make a Wardrobe

If the warmth of your house feels a little more appealing to you, you may want to consider building your wardrobe. All the summer clothes have officially been put away and you need more space for your warner, bigger, and all-round more comfortable winter clothes.

So what’s the best way to approach the build?:-

  1. Cut the shelves first to the exact desired size and width you require them.
  2. Attached 2 end panels to the shelves using 34mm x 34mm screws and a drill. Only one end panel is required if you’re fixing the wardrobe up against the wall.
  3. Install the sliding door stacks by measuring the lengths and screwing the top track to the ceiling and bottom track to the floor.
  4. Cut your doors to size and fit them. Assuming that all your measurements are sound, your doors will slip ingot place along the slicing door tracks.
  5. Ta-dah! You now have yourself a nice new wardrobe.

For a more detailed explanation, you may also want to view this informative YouTube video -

Christmas card holder

When it comes to Christmas – getting a head start on the planning side really can help the season go smoothly. So why not have a look at creating a festive Christmas Card Holder.

Cut small timber boards into graduated lengths, paint them in some seasonal colours and nail them to a centre post to create the skeleton of a tree (Christmas Tree).

Use some hot glue mini clothespins to the branches and then peg your photos and cards to them. Creative a beautiful, festive Christmas cardholder.

So that’s it!

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