Top tips to maintain your garden paving

Paving is the perfect way to boost your kerb appeal, extend your garden, or simply create an appealing edge around your lawn. You will need to conduct some periodic maintenance to maintain and preserve your garden patio. In this blog, we give you a few tips to help you maintain and keep your garden looking nice!

  • Power washing: Even if you scrub your pavement frequently, sometimes a more thorough cleaning will be essential. A steam or jet power washer can be rented or purchased. Be careful as the elevated stress could harm or crack the mortar around the pavement joint areas.
  • Fill joints: Paving joints play a significant role by connecting concrete or bricks and offering framework. Cleaning them up can be difficult as this is your garden pavement's most susceptible region. Besides maintaining weeded joint areas, you will need to patch and repair sometimes. When pulling weeds removes sand from the joints, you're going to have to fill in holes or you will just get more weeds that could be worse. If mortar demonstrates indications of cracking or flaking off, you can use different formulas to create repairs.
  • Regular brushing: Regular cleaning removes dust and waste, and also helps to break up weeds, which can grow via the block paving to prevent further growth. A good brush and some warm soapy water should work well against these things. Why not attempt using some patio cleaner to remove mould, bacteria or algae that will also assist prevent general dust and grime from your landscaping.
  • Frequent weeding: To avoid overgrowth of weeds, you will need to weed frequently. To avoid them from growing back, always attempt to remove weed at their roots.
  • Sealing paving stones: Sealers in the patio stop moisture from entering and destroying the pavement. There is a broad range of products, but be careful to read the tag as the incorrect one can harm your paving surface. You will still need to wash frequently and, depending on the manufacturer's suggestions, you will need to reapply the sealant every few years.

Maintenance of patio and garden tiles is not hard, but it requires a continuous effort to maintain them. A little regular work will keep the weeds growing on your garden stones and make them look great! We hope these tips will assist you and keep you maintaining your garden!

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