Understanding the Importance of Fire Doors

Understanding the Importance of Fire Doors

Do you pay as much attention to your fire doors? Do you check the condition of your building’s fire doors? Would you know how to check and identify if they are ok? These are all questions you should have the right answer for. Should a fire occur you may be faced with certain situations in which some exit routes cannot be used. This type of situation and the ensuing panic is hard to replicate in a practice fire drill. To possess this knowledge, you must be familiar with your buildings fire doors!

So how do Fire Doors Keep Flames at bay?

It’s quite well known that fire reacts and responds to oxygen. Flames travel where there is the least amount of resistance, leaving fire doors open will allow fire to spread in seconds.

Pay Attention Before a Fire Disaster happens!

Don’t let yourself become complacent with regards to fire safety; don’t ignore the condition of your companies fire doors. Be aware if fire doors are shut, wedged open or missing altogether. People wedge them open to let air circulate through a hot room, increasing the risk of a fire spreading once it starts. Fire doors are meant to be closed for a reason!

So, pay attention to your fire doors and make sure they are performing their intended function!

Get a Fire Risk Assessment

If you were tasked with checking your fire doors for damage, would you know what to look out for?

When was the last time your fire doors were properly checked? The safety of your companies staff and the building as a whole relies on your diligence. Here at Wood Lane Timber we can advise of what type of fire door would be suitable for you and can supply them accordingly.

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