What is Joinery?

If you need help on woodwork in your house a joiner is the professional that you want. So what is a joiner and what is their skill set?

To define it, Joinery is the term that describes putting two or more pieces of wood together. It can involve nailing, gluing, screwing but it can from time to time be quite intricate and complicated. The purpose of joinery is to hold pieces of wood together, securely and strongly but it can be quite a decorative project with very pleasing results.

Joinery is a key element of woodworking and is found in markets such as cabinetry, furniture, doors and windows, flooring and so on. It is very intricate and specialist and a general carpenter might not have the adequate skills to do the job (compared to a specialist approved Joiner).

Specialist joiners can create Butt Joints, Cross Lapped Joints, Dado Joints, Dovetail Joints, Doweled Joint, Mitre Joint, Mortise and Tenon Joint and also a Tongue and Groove Joint.

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