Why wood makes a great work top!

Wood is often an over looked material when it comes to kitchen work tops, and we can’t figure out why! A kitchen worktop is a massively important aspect of kitchen design, as it can really draw the eye instantly – especially if you have an island. Your work top will make a massive difference to the overall look of your kitchen, and we think you would be crazy not to consider wood!

A solid wood feature in your home looks nothing short of stunning for a start. The warm and vibrant look of solid hardwood is something that can never be replicated in other work top materials. It can be teamed with literally any colour and still look striking in its own right. It suits all kitchen styles, and can be easily incorporated into a contemporary scheme using glass or stainless steel.

We think most people will agree that it looks beautiful, but it’s actually majorly practical as well!

Wood is perfect for food preparation and dining areas, for islands and breakfast bars, as well as being ideal for using around the sink due to its high oil content and water resistance!

You can wipe up spills instantly to prevent staining, and once established, you can seal a wood worktop with a linseed oil to stop drying out.

What’s more is that scratches can be easily sanded out with fine wire wool! If hardwoods are properly sealed and maintained they will last for a long time and maintain their beauty! Wood is very easy to cut, and is suitable for use in for all kitchens.

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